About Us

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About Us

Karprice.com is an anonymous community of car buyers with the common goal of helping to improve the traditional car buying experience.


Our Mission

We are an online community that allows you to anonymously share personal deal information including price, features, financing terms, trade-ins, rebates and experiences at the dealership to create an unbiased starting point for individuals looking to purchase a similar car.



People are banding together to increase transparency in the car buying experience. With Karprice.com you can be confident you know the “whole deal”.

When you buy a house you have a public record to review on comparable homes. Why not with cars? Let’s create a public record of car purchases together. It’s like looking at the recent sales in your area to help guide you with your decision. It’s not just based on the price but the “whole deal”.

Karprice.com officially recently launched in 2014. It is our mission to enable the community to anonymously report their …car purchase prices for everyone to see to help their neighbors negotiate a better deal. As the community grows, so does the empowerment of the customer. Through the generosity of those who have recently purchased or leased new and used vehicles, other can benefit in knowing their purchase prices and the deals behind them. Never before has this information been so readily available. If you were buying a car, wouldn’t you want this information? Help distribute it to those in need. Karprice.com, we empower the customer.

Rewards for car submissions are here! See Karprice.com Rewards Program for details.


How does it work?

Did you or someone you know just buy or lease a new or used car? Even if your car is older, people can still benefit from the information. We are looking to create a database of ALL cars, not just recent ones. Go to our simple form and enter the car deal information. Enter your VIN (will remain private, will not be posted to the site and will be deleted from the database), vehicle information, purchase price, location information and features. Most people still have their original invoices and window stickers in their glove compartments or in a file somewhere. Certify your Karprice information, to earn a better reward, by sending a picture of the invoice (without personal information) and picture of the window sticker. This is easy to do from most smartphones. Just take pictures of the invoice and sticker first and upload them to our forms. Your email is only required to receive your gift card reward and to allow you to sign up for alerts in the future.


How is this different from other car web sites?

No other site out there tries to get you the “whole deal”. The price of a car is only half of the deal, if that! Some of the most cost saving items on a purchase or lease come from the other components of the deal. Other sites report a price that is potentially biased and artificial. They also don’t tell you exactly how they get their price information. The fact is they are usually involved with dealers and car manufacturers which clearly biases their site. Do you trust the auto industry to report accurate information? The information on these sites may be biased or even influenced by the auto industry.

Our information is completely independent from the auto industry as our information is entered by the actual consumer who purchased/leased the car. This is the true story behind each deal that was made. This is a community driven web site created to help out neighbors. Real people who purchased cars working together to help drive it forward. In the future, when they are looking for a car again, they too can benefit from the information of others.


What kind of rewards are available?

We know everyone loves free stuff. We understand everyone wants to help grow this community but we know its painful to get your VIN, invoice and window sticker and upload the info. We have set up a rewards program to thank you for your effort. We know this will be worth it in the end! Suggestions are always welcome and remember, the more information you submit, the better the reward!  See Karprice.com Rewards Program for details.


Who runs this?

Karprice.com was created because of the frustrating experience people face in buying a new or used car. It has developed into a company, Karprice, LLC, incorporated in the state of Delaware. I am Christopher Doumas, MD, the founder and owner of the concept and site. I recently purchased a car locally and although I was happy with the people at the dealership and the service, I realized just how screwed up the entire process is when buying a car. Hours get wasted and they make you focus on the price, but the price is only half of the deal. What I recently realized is that it is the “whole deal” that actually matters because the financing, trade-ins and rebates make up a huge portion of the money that the consumer pays. The entire car sale is not a public record…until now! I have made a recent car sales website for cars. Wouldn’t you like to know what 30-40 people paid in your area for the car you want? THAT would be useful!

Help me build this site and help out the community. I am not storing or selling VINs or emails. This is not a phishing scam and I will not sell off your emails. These will not be saved on the database of information that is stored. Only the car deal information will be saved. The VIN, if you choose to include it to certify your post, is used to cross check and ensure its a real car sold and not something fake plugged in by someone looking to trick you. If we certify the posts, which costs me money to check by the way, then the information is reliable.

Thanks and help build this by spreading the word and getting the database built so its ready for the next time you are ready to buy a car!